The mini world of micro Creon

Day one; diagnosis. Day two; micro Creon.

For me this was oddly a relief, the feeding was my warning sign that something was really wrong and to be given something that would make baby H feel full, that meant a longer time between feeds, that hopefully meant less crying and that meant his poop didn’t stink to high heaven was something I could get on board with.

And then the reality. Trying to balance a blob of apple purée on a spoon and then using a scoop, that I could only imagine had been stolen from the borrowers, measure a quater of a scoop (what a day to have left my James Bond microscopic specs at home-doh!) and place this precariously on the purée. The piece de resistance-feed this to a 4 week old baby who has only ever sucked milk!

Well needless to say this took some getting used to, and was not at all fun with the 3am feeds (not to keep going on about the scoop, but who’s daft idea was it to make it clear?? I lost 5 in the first 3 days!). But then a lightbulb moment hit when trying to feed a baby on a moving tube.

What if the Creon could be pre measured? That way I just needed to mix in the apple when needed, no balancing, no scoop, no apple sliding off the spoon onto my freshly washed jeans. So that’s what I did, I ordered 2ml size make up pots from Amazon and as part of my morning routine, just scooped out the measurements and off I went for the day.

Might not be for everyone, but I found it loads easier when I was out and about, especially as I got to 3 scoops a feed (that was like playing Jenga with 100’s and 1000’s!)

Pictures attached!

On the plus side, 5 months in and Creon is second nature. H even started opening his mouth before milk-they learn so fast. Also weaning has been easy peasy ( you can boast about that with

your baby group mates!)

Ha ha! Just as I finished this entry, my husband just proclaimed ‘bloody hell, have you seen how much Creon is under this sofa cushion!?!’……arh, welcome to the joys of micro creon!





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