Buggy, baby and the Tube


imageIts ironic, no actually f***ing annoying, that an area which houses 3 hospitals, and countless more private hospitals, in one of the worlds most developed cities, that there is NO step free access from any near by tube station!!

So you’ve just been given the devastating news that your baby has CF, you’ve been told the next day to attend an appointment ┬áin a leading London hospital, however there is no car park, and you live out in what now feels like Timbukto! The day before yesterday I was proud of myself for getting 10 minutes round the corner to Tesco!

I used to travel into London without a care in the word pre baby, but now with a buggy in tow-it feels like a sceen from mission impossible. Step in stage right my saviour….the Doona, from Simple Parenting.

Car Seat

This was a spontaneous purchase that we made before H was born, is a car seat on wheels. But most importantly the wheels fold down at the click of a button which means you can carry it up the stairs, escalators but then wheel it all the way to hospital (particularly helpful when you have a chunky baby like mine!)



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